Our Bedouin Tent


Our Bedouin Tent

 In the khan there are 3 large bedouin tents

  Large Bedouin tents are decorated with Bedouin mats and comfortable mattresses. Each tent is heated. There are clean, modern showers with hot running water, toilets and cooking corners nearby

Tents are suitable for groups of 15-35 people

On weekends and holidays there is a minimum price per tent

  Guests who are staying at the big tents or private huts need to bring  their own sleeping bags or any other sleeping utilities.

Holiday and Weekends Price list

  Bed & Breakfast

Adult – 170 NIS
Child (2-12) – 110 NIS

Minimum price per tent on weekends and holydays – 2250 NIS

Minimum price for a private hut is – 670 ni


During the Week Price list

Accomadation only

Adult           –100 NIS

Child (3-12) – 50 NIS

Private hut for 1 person – 150 nis

Additional charge for Breakfast 

Adult – 60 nis

Child – 40 nis

In the winter the huts and tents can be heated
Please bring sleeping bags, pillows and towels with you
The cooking are includes a grill, worktops and refrigerator. You need to bring your own utensils (cookware, serving dishes, etc)
There is a heated pool available to all of our guests
Season recommended to stay at the tents and huts is October – May